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Why choose Executive Offer?

If you are looking for an executive job offer in a global company, you have come to the right place. is one of the only recruitment platforms specializing in global executive recruitment in the world. We publish and recruit exclusively into executive jobs and management positions.


You can check executive-level jobs in countries and regions around the world, including those in your area by using an interactive IT map. Please check our interactive map  here. We will support you in finding suitable senior management jobs in your target countries.


If you register your CV to you can showcase your experience, education and language skills to prestigious head-hunters, recruiters, HR professionals and potential employers across the world.


Nowadays companies are increasingly conducting their search for the right senior-level candidates across the globe. International investments are also on the rise and these new investments need a general manager as the first step. By registering on you may be targeted for lucrative and exciting business ventures from overseas!


If you feel that you have the experience and skills to lead an international company and would like the challenge of developing your career on the world executive stage, please don’t hesitate to register your CV.


Benefit of

  • Be headhunted and receive executive-level offers from potential employers from all over the world
  • Investors looking for opportunities in your country may offer you a senior position (for example, as a General Manager)
  • Your CV and profile can be viewed by thousands of prestigious headhunters, recruiters, HR professionals and potential employers working for global brands
  • Thousands of new global management positions added every week
  • You can apply to many different senior level jobs
  • Use our interactive world job map, which shows positions around the world using innovative IT technology
  • You can make contact with headhunters, recruiters, HR professionals and potential employers



If you would like to lead international world-wide company as Key Executive just register with us leads you to the world Executive stage !



If you are still not a member on, just join now for free !  

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