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Terms and Conditions



By accessing and submitting your information to Executive Offer you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Please note these terms and conditions may change periodically to allow improvements to our services.

  1. Executive Offer

Executive Offer is a company which advertises executive jobs all over the world using an internet platform (

  1. Registration

Candidates/clients who would like to register to the Executive Offer website need to agree to the Terms and Conditions. After having registered and had their information approved by Executive Offer personnel, the candidate/client may begin using this service. Members of Executive Offer agree to correct their details as soon as possible, should there be any changes in their circumstances.

  1. Agreement to the Terms of Conditions

Executive Offer members who are registered to the Executive Offer service website agree to all contents of the Terms and Conditions upon registration. Members who do not agree to the Terms and Conditions cannot register to this service.

  1. Service charge

1) Standard use of the system provided by Executive Offer is free of charge.

  1. Changing or deleting account details

1) Registered members are able to modify their account details by following the instructions on the Executive Offer website. Members take full responsibility for the contents of their account information. Executive offer will not accept any liability or responsibility even in the event of problems caused by the content of a member’s account information.

2) If members cannot be contacted on the e-mail address provided in their registration details, their account may be deleted after a 6-month period.

       6.   Member’s obligation and prohibited behaviour

Registered members are responsible for the information provided in their registration details, and are prohibited from;

1) Registering fake CV’s or false personal information.

2) Disseminating material which violates public order, or material of an unlawful, pornographic, politically radical, illegal, abusive, threatening or otherwise objectionable nature.

3) Coping, selling, or publishing material posted on the Executive Offer website. Contents of the website are under the copyright of Executive Offer Ltd.

4) Engaging in acts which are harmful to Executive Offer in any way.

5) Disclosing job information advertised on Executive Offer to third parties or the public.

6) Infringing the intellectual property rights of any third party, or other members registered on Executive Offer.

7) Violating or infringing the rights, privacy or image of other registered members of Executive Offer or other third party’s.

8) Engaging in unlawful or criminal activity.

9) Damaging the reputation of or interfering in any way with Executive Offer.

10) Interfering with the collection of advertisement fees or debts.

11) Passing on, selling, or lending information such as job details and passwords to third parties.

*Executive offer cannot assume responsibility for the passwords or member ID’s of registered users. Passwords and member ID are the sole responsibility of the registered user.  

      7.   Deleting member account details 

1) If registered members fail to comply with Article 7 of the Terms and Conditions, Executive Offer has the right to delete the member’s account or to discontinue providing services to these members.

2) If registered members do not log-in to the Executive Offer website for over 1 year from the date of registration, Executive Offer may remove their account without prior notice given to the account member.

      8.    Data protection policy

1) For all members using our services, protection of their personal data is our top priority. All staff working for Executive Offer are required to sign a confidential agreement which states that handling of a member’s personal data is highly confidential and should be treated with the utmost care. All Executive Offer staff and CEO commit to taking measures to coordinate management practices so as to protect and handle appropriately, registered members personal data.

2) Executive Offer keeps the following user data fully secure and protected; the registered member’s name, address, date of birth, contact number(s), e-mail address(es), educational history, work history, language skills, expected salary, preferred work location, and so on. In order to provide a professional service, Executive Offer does not pass on any personal data to third parties, except for the publication of the user’s profile, whereby the user agrees to the publication of their information by creating a profile. Executive Offer cannot take responsibility for information, forwarded to head-hunters, recruitment consultants or HR managers by the users themselves. Users are able to modify the website settings so as to display anonymized or identifiable user information at any time.

3) Executive Offer displays and discloses user’s information to job boards, recruiters, head hunters and HR professionals on its website. However, users are able to remain anonymous or to disclose their full personal information to recruitment professionals on this website.

4) Executive Offer may contact and ask job advertisement companies, recruiters, head hunters or HR professionals for information regarding candidate’s annual income or job start date in order to check candidate status without any prior notice given to the candidate.

5) Executive Offer may send new executive and head-hunt offers, or information regarding national/international campaigns in a newsletter by email.

6) Users may be prevented from using Executive Offer if they fail to provide the required or sufficient personal information.

7) Executive Offer will not disclose user’s personal information to third parties without the user’s prior permission. However, Executive Offer will disclose such personal information if permission is given, or in order to comply with the law if there is any danger to human life, or for the protection of property.

     9.   Liability

1) Executive Offer will pay the utmost attention to job advertisement information. However Executive Offer cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the advertisements published on the Executive Offer website. Executive offer cannot not guarantee that the information contained within these advertisements is correct, and will not cover any damages.

2) Executive Offer cannot accept responsibility for any problems regarding their employment contract, or for any problems arising between users and job advertisers, recruiters, head-hunters, and HR professionals.

3) Executive Offer provide this service with the utmost professionalism. However, Executive Offer cannot take responsibility for unforeseen events or technical problems leading to a suspension of the service, or inability to access the website.

4) Executive Offer has the right to browse, check or delete member information, files, or CV’s if necessary.

5) Executive Offer is not obliged to save the members information, files, or CV as deemed appropriate.

6) Executive Offer cannot accept any responsibility for inevitable or unavoidable events or accidents causing damage, a virus, or power failure due to natural disasters or attacks. Executive Offer does not assume any responsibility if members data is erased in events of this nature.

7) Executive Offer cannot guarantee that there are no errors or defects on this website, and that it does not contain computer viruses.

8) Executive Offer cannot guarantee successful career development or the acquisition of new employment by using this service.

9) Registered members should follow each country’s laws and regulations. Executive Offer cannot be for responsible violation of regulations by users of this site.

10) Executive Offer cannot take responsibility for events or accidents causing changes, modification, suspension or termination of this service.

11) Executive Offer will not refund any fees paid for using this service.

12) Executive Offer will create statistical data based on the information provided by registered users. This data will be taken from information provided by anonymous members.

13) Users personal settings will be saved. The system used (Cookies), allows for convenient use of the system and to guarantee that users are able to enjoy the same settings for each new session. A Cookie is a piece of data sent from a website (in this case Executive Offer) which is stored on the users web browser. Using these Cookies does not link the user to any personal ID on the Executive Offer website. Executive Offer uses only session ID and cookies to provide a more comfortable service for their members.

14) Executive Offer cannot assume responsibility for any damage, cause of mental distress, interruption to the job-seeking process or any other loss or damage caused by information provided by job advertisements, recruiters, head-hunters, HR professionals, or other third parties.

15) Executive Offer cannot assume responsibility for the damage caused by registered users to third parties.

16) Registered members who violate these Terms and Conditions and cause any damage to Executive Offer will be obliged to compensate either directly or indirectly for the damage caused.

     10.   Changing member services

Executive Offer registered members are assumed to agree to changes to or the temporary suspension of services without prior notice.

     11.   Changing the Terms and Conditions

Executive Offer has the right to be able to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

     12.   Law and jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by UK law under EU law, with the condition of being protected by local laws around the world. The venue for all disputes shall be in London, UK.


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